We’re ready to play our game

Rowand250x400 Guys weren’t dwelling on Thursday’s loss, so there wasn’t much talk about baseball on the plane. It’s just like any flight like when you lose a game on getaway day. But the mood lightened up and guys start talking about other stuff. It’s was nice to see.

We played PSP Socom II. Me, Jayson Werth and Rod Barajas waffled Adam Eaton and Cole Hamels. We played the whole trip.

Everybody was cool on the flight. We don’t have a bunch of guys who are hanging their heads. We’ve rattled off three games quite a few times this season and have done well on the road this season, too. Obviously, you’re upset after the loss, and you don’t want to go down two games to none. But once everybody had a chance for that to set in, it was business as usual on the plane, with guys talking and laughing and getting ready for today. That’s the way this team has taken it all season long. Nobody is sulking.

We’re going to go out and play our game Saturday. This team has been resilient all season. It’s the way we approach things and the personality of this team. There’s no use dwelling on a loss. It’s all about moving forward, and that’s what this team does best.

There’s not one person who doesn’t believe we can come back and win this series. It’s just a matter of us playing our game. We know what we’re capable of doing.


  1. behmers101@aim.com

    I really hate video games, but I think its really cool that yous play them on the plane. Its actually a good way to get your mind off of what happen the day before. YOU GUYS ARE AWASOME!!! I AM A DIE-HARD PHILLIES FAN! i get upset when you loose and I go crazy when yous win. I love the tension and nervousness i get when i watch your games.

    Your fan,


  2. aaron.marchant@yale.edu

    Whatever happens tomorrow, I would like all the Phillies to know that they made it a season to remember for all of us fans from Philadelphia. Just when I was almost ready to lose hope for the season, you guys always found a way to bounce back. Furthermore, the home stretch of this season has really been special for me, since this semester here at college my studies have been especially difficult, and being able to watch the relentless attitude of this great baseball team has kept my spirit up. I believe in this team and this city. I would say thanks for a great season, but I know you guys have it in you to keep the dream alive!

    Fan since birth,

    Aaron from Doylestown

    P.S. to Burrell: Pat, I’ve always had your back.

  3. dmann19@comcast.net

    Thank you for doing this blog. We the fans so appreciate you sharing all of this with us. We are praying for you. We are keeping the Phaith! You gotta believe you can do it – I know we belive in all of you!!! You are the best team in the USA – all heart!! You’ve got what it takes. Go Phils!!!

  4. elemental_79@yahoo.com

    I’m keeping the faith here in Chitown, Aaron! I have a feeling that you guys are gonna win this next one…I hope I’m right!

    GO PHILS! You can do it! Ya gotta believe!


  5. kharris987@yahoo.com

    Loving the blog. It’s nice to be able to know what a player is thinking in the midst of all this post season drama. Anyway, this entry really made me believe again. I admit I was really down after Game 2’s loss but I think you guys can do it! You all toughed it out and took the division from the Mets, now it’s time to take this away from the Rockies and get to the next round!


    P.S…hope to see you in a Phillies jersey next season. 🙂

  6. jenniferalthoff@gmail.com


    Looks like the Phillies aren’t the only team to be 0-2 in the playoffs so far. The Cubs are down 2 games to the D-Backs, the Yankees are down 2 games to the Indians. The Red Sox/Angels game is still going on, but if the Angels lost they will be down 2 games as well. Of all the teams that are out 2 games, I know the Phils have the most fight and talent to battle back. Go Phils! No matter what happens, you are already winners!!

    On a lighter note, someone posted this on the Phillies message board. It made me laugh:




  7. seyrich@embarqmail.com


    I have been a fan since 1975, and in my lifetime the Phillies have been the best, the worst and everything in between. 1980 was the best! That team never stopped fighting. I see alot of similarities with that squad and the 2007 Phils. You are there and I know that if you just savor every inning (Win one inning at a time!) you can still go all the way. Every real fan still believes until the last out! Go get it!

  8. vyoast@aol.com

    Hey Aarron,
    Thank you to you and all the guys for being such a great team and excellent role models for my son and other young fans. My 10 year old (as well as myself) have always been true Phillies fans and have followed the team for years. Although we have always liked the teams of the past, this team has a different chemistry among the players. You guys really seem to enjoy each other and show ?team work,? without the hype or rifts you hear in the news about other MLB teams or sports. You go out and make the game look fun. You guys have your heart in every game.

    Good luck today and we will be routing for you from the Scoreboard Porch this upcoming Tuesday!

  9. mariamacluso@comcast.net

    I love you Aaron Rowand. I love all you guys. Thanks for making it so much fun this year for us. We know you can do it. We know it.

    Saw Bruce Springsteen in Philly last night and he did a little rant about things we love in Philadelphia and he mentioned baseball. There was a mix of boos and cheers. I, of course, cheered. His rant went on to say “I predict they will rise…but I can’t guarantee it”. Crowd went crazy. Of course, Bruce is a well-known Yankee fan. Anyway, if Bruce says it, it must be true.

    But I believe in you guys anyway. The resiliance, the maturity, the leadership, and the fact that it shows how much the next guy means to you. You are a team and you will win as a team.

    By the way, PLEASE don’t leave us next season.

  10. jimchou66@aol.com

    Hi Aaron, Thanks for sharing some behind the scenes moments. GO PHILLIES! You can thrill us again!

  11. thcordivari@yahoo.com

    I believe. And I want every last one of you to know something — you could win the WS for the next 14 years, but I will never be prouder of you guys than I was when you assisted Colorado’s grounds crew. I was bawling like a baby watching you. You all deserve the big prize this year, but I think you’ve already gotten it — you have heart, humanity and your priorities are in order.

    Go get ’em!

    P.S.: Thank you for the great season, Aaron – thanks for the blog; Charlie – thank you; Jamie, you’re the man; Jimmy MVP, MVP, MVP; all of you – a big Mamallama hug from me! Love you.

  12. hicksiechick@gmail.com

    Ya gotta believe…..and I do! I’m getting aggravated at some of the comments folks are making, like…’yeah, typical Phillies…chokers! What kind of fan says that? I mean, don’t get me wrong I was not happy that the team lost the first 2 to the Rockies…but so what? I believe you can win the next 3! I BELIEVE!!!

    Even if you don’t, it has been one heck of a ride this year…one of the best Phillies seasons EVER! (IMO). Talk about excitement toward the end of the season and the never say die attitude!

    You guys give us your all every game…no one can ask for more. You are the BEST!!


    Oh…please tell the powers that be that I will personally make dinner for every single one of them for the entire 2008 season (grillin in the dugout…woot woot!) if one mister AARON ROWAND is back in a Phillies jersey next season! 😉 You are the BEST and WE NEED YOU!

    GO PHILS!!!!

    P.S…Thanks for the blog…very cool.

  13. gobills12@verizon.net

    We wish you luck this weekend. We love you guys, and are so proud of the season you’ve given us! You all seem to love the game so much, are hard working and friends, as well. You’re exciting to watch. We are die-hards!! Aaron, you have been such a great addition to the team. We love your game both offensively and defensively. Get those ROCKIES!! May I suggest back to back homers for you and Burrell again? You guys got the magic- go all the way!! Thanks for the blog, you’re the best!!! Ed and Michelle, Northampton,PA

  14. ejansen-05@hotmail.com

    HEY! WE STARTED OFF TO A 3-11 START NOW LOOK AT US! DO IT FOR VUK!A utility infielder, Vukovich was a career .161 hitter in 10 big league seasons. He played 49 games in 1980, when the Phillies won their only World Series title. “Life was very simple for him because the answer to every problem was just keep pushing.”

  15. irishdrunk69@hotmail.com

    I was flying from Denver before the two losses. They told the
    philly fans to board last! Well your down two and I believe you can comeback! I have seen it done. Then I will board my plane last in Denver. Holding the Daily News with you guys holding NLDS series trophy! Kick some *** in Denver!!

  16. buzz1561@verizon.net

    Aaron, Just found your blog. Thanks for posting it. The game just started and the lights went out! Now, that’s a first for me. Anyway… like the others have said before me, it’s been an incredible year. And as much as I hope you will win tonight, the end result is you made the playoffs. When I was growing up, my mother and father taught me the love of baseball and the Phillies… whether the team was in first place or last place. And this year I was able to fulfill a dream by taking my 86-year old mother to a playoff game. You might have lost, but what an experience being there in that atmosphere and seeing you guys take the field in the playoffs. You pulled together as a team and became NL East Champions. And when the flag is raised in Citizens Bank Park next year with 2007 on it, you can all be proud of a job well done. More important, I hope you will be able to come to a deal with the Phillies for next year and many years to come. WE NEED YOU, YOUR HARD WORK, YOUR DEDICATION AND YOUR EXPERIENCE!!! It’s nice to have up and comers on the team that can play your position, but right now the team needs players with experience… and everything you have! Hope to see you in a Phillies uniform next year! Thanks for everything.

  17. stellaming@msn.com

    Thanks to you and your teammates for being such class acts on and off the field. You did way more than execute; you showed the world what sportsmanship is all about. Hoping for the best tonight. Whatever the outcome, we will always savor this wonderful season, including your inconceivable put-outs and well-timed rbis. Thanks Aaron (and please stay!)

  18. seyrich@embarqmail.com

    Thank you to our Eastern Division Champs! See you in Clearwater. Considering all the injuries and pitching that put the team in the hole almost everyday(Although Moyer pitched a superior game tonight!) it was a great run! Celebrate what you all achieved, and come out next year fired up as the team to beat.

  19. newcarsforyou@aol.com

    rrk007. Does your mom know you are playing on the computer tonite? Thanks Phor The Phun this year team.Your #2 Phan IN GLENDORA.

  20. sting10375@aol.com

    Tough loss tonight – but a good season all together. However, it could mean the end of Aaron Rowand in Philadelphia. I pray to God that isn’t the case.

    You’re the best thing to happen to Philadelphia, and Phillies management is insane not to pay you. You play the game the right way, giving 110% every game. You provided the offense the Phillies have been searching for in a CF for years and you certainly got the D to back it up.

    If you happen to go elsewhere, you’ll still be my favorite player, and I’ll definitely rep that new jersey like I do now.

    Thanks for the great season…

    G from Jersey

  21. maurykendrick@comcast.net

    Hello Aaron,

    I hope you get a chance to come back to Philly next year. I just want you to know, as a fan & as a guy that played the game hard, I am soooo appreciative of what you do out on the ballfield. Thanks so much for an AWESOME season! Hope to see you in Clearwater!!!

    Maury Kendrick

  22. thecookandbaker@comcast.net

    What a season!!!Thanks Aaron and all the Phillies for a wonderful and exciting summer. Can’t wait until next year. Aaron, you’ve got to be back!! Carole G.

    PS See you in Clearwater.

  23. goldendoby@msn.com

    Has been a great season. No reason to be down or disappointed. Given the injuries and slow start, winning the division was a great accomplishment. Hope many more are coming. I, like many others, hope you return to Philly. You play the game with passion and hustle and exactly how it is supposed to be played. Return to Philly and help us win.
    Doug Humphrey

  24. Bill

    Good luck with free agency this offseason. I really hope you can work things out to return to Philadelphia. If you stay, you could be a legend here forever as many of our other former players are. We want you here and appreciate everything you have brought to the team. Make a deal to stay!!!


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