Nobody’s panicking

I got plenty of sleep Tuesday night. I even took a nap yesterday afternoon, then went to dinner at American Grille with the family. I was raring to go this morning and got here at 8:45 a.m. The only guy who beat me here was Chooch, Carlos Ruiz. I went through my pregame routine and got ready to play.

Rowand200 All you have to do is turn on the TV and see all the crazies running around in the streets, and you can tell how jacked up this city is for a championship. When I walked on the field for batting practice, it was neat to see how people were already here. Then right before the game, it was cool to see how packed the place was.

Sure, we lost today, and they jumped out early on us in tough conditions, with the shadows. Then we came up short. After the second inning, Cole settled down and pitched great. He was outstanding after that. We just didn’t muster up enough runs for him. Still, this isn’t deflating. We would’ve liked to have won the game and liked to have gotten off on the right foot, but we’ve come back before. Nobody is sitting around here sulking. We’ve been through too much to do that.

My first postseason at-bat in 2005 was nerve-wracking. But I didn’t see anybody tight or waving at bad pitches today. Jeff Francis is a good pitcher with good stuff. He doesn’t throw hard, but when you have command of your pitches, and don’t leave stuff over the plate, that’s pitching. That’s how Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine do it.

Nobody’s panicking. It’s one game and we have four more. We’ll come out with the same intensity that we had today. We’ve been behind the eight ball a lot and nobody will quit. We have a lot of guys in here who have a lot of pride in what they do. That’s the only reason we’re here, because we’d be going home right now if we didn’t have these type of guys in this locker room.

I expect to see the same from Kyle Kendrick on Thursday that I’ve seen all year. He’s been outstanding. He’s young and has more poise and mound presence than he realizes. He knows how to stay within himself. You saw it in his first Major League outing. He’ll be all right in a playoff atmosphere.

There’s no doubt that the Rockies have the same do-or-die attitude that we had. They’ve done well to get here. They were in the same spot we were and they’ve played extremely well to get to the playoffs.

It’s going to be a battle between two teams that really want to get to the next round.



    Hi Aaron,
    First of all I just want to say congratulations on a great year and thank you for an exciting finish to the regular season. It is so great to see you guys play as a team (on and off the field) and never give up….it’s what baseball is all about!!! I was at the game today and enjoyed it despite the final score…the atmosphere was unreal…just what Philadelphia needs!!! It was a close game and I’m confident you guys will get ’em tomorrow…Good Luck!!!

    Betsy 🙂


    I can’t believe I’m writing this as a lifelong Phillies fan, but I’m just not nervous after the loss today. This team is going to win this series. I can feel it.
    Let’s go Phils!


    I was at the game today as well and I have never felt so much electricity in the air from the fans and players. You all have a lot of heart, go get’em tomorrow.

    Go Phils



    First of all, congrats on that homer! Great job! Second, I agree with Jeffrey: you guys are going all the way this year. There’s not a doubt in my mind! It seems as though as soon as another team recognizes that the Phills are a force to be reckoned with, well…it’s too late for them!


    Thanks for one of the all time great seasons by a Phillies CF –like Garry Maddox 1976 or Lenny Dykstra 1993. You were an artist in the field and at the plate. I hope management has the brains to resign you.

    As for the NLDS, despite the media hype re Rollins & Tulowitski, Uttley, Howard & Holliday, I thought key players in this series would be Helton and you. Today showed that.

    Hopefully, the lineup will look a little different tomorrow against another lefty.



    Good luck to you in the playoffs..We still love and miss you at the Cell..All the Sox fans I know are cheering for the Phillies! Beat those Cubs!




    First of all, great homer yesterday. You are right, only game 1 and you will win game 2 today out right.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on a daily basis.

    Stay cool and good luck to you and the rest of the team. I know at the end of the day the series will tied.



    Congrats on your homerun today to help put a spark back into the stadium yesterday. I’d like to think I helped by exchanging texts with a buddy and determining that it was never too late to put on a rally cap, so we did, and next thing you know that 3-0 deficit was cut to one after you and Pat Burrell hit homeruns, and Wes Helms almost hit another.

    Dissappointed in yesterday’s result? Of course. Nervous heading into game two? Not at all. I know that guys like Rollins, Utley and Howard won’t go 0-11 again, and if they get on base guys like you and Burrell have a good shot and bringing them home. If you read this before game two, good luck. I’ll be there cheering you guys on today!


    Aaron, thanks for the inspiring words. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have the “PHAITH.” You guys will WIN and I can’t wait. Also, what a great experience Sunday was for me!!!!!! I will never forget it. I stood on my seat and cried and cried for all you guys. You deserve the wins.


    I have to agree – I am not nervous at all! You gys play with so much heart. You make me proud to be a Phillies fan for life! And Aaron, you always do an awesome job – you’re my favorite and I hope we’re lucky enough to have you on the team for a long time.

    I can’t make it to any games since there are no seats left but I’ll be sitting with my headphones on getting my officemates rowdy again today! Good luck boys!!!


    I just wanted to communicate to the team that you’re a great group to be proud of. And I haven’t been this excited since the 1980 Royals made it to the World Series. Although the Red Sox beating the Yankees in ’04 comes close. Win or lose, you Phils can be proud of the job you’ve done this year and the examples of team spirit, attitude, hard work, and sportsmanship that you provide for our children. Congratulations and GO PHILLIES! We’re pulling for you and support you no matter what.


    Hey Aaron,

    Congratulations on the home run yesterday! Speaking of home runs, I think it should be acknowledged that you broke your career high of home runs in an mlb season this year (24 in 2004) by hitting 27 home runs! Not to mention the fact that you hit two home runs in the game against St. Louis to break it. WOW!!! I went nuts when I saw that. Way to go.

    Thanks again to you and the rest of the Phillies for giving us such an exciting season. I was at the game on Sunday and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve never seen such an enthusiastic and electric crowd in my life. I hope you guys take that spirit with you and it helps you along in the playoffs.

    A bunch of us in centerfield had a “Re-Sign Rowand” chant going a couple of times. I hope you heard it. Philly really wants you to stay next year. I hope the front office is smart and signs you to a really good deal. You deserve it!!! While there are other people on the team that can play centerfield, I just don’t think they can match the intensity and passion for the game that you have.

    Go Phillies!!!



    Your homer and Pat Burrell’s was the best moment I’ve ever had attending a baseball game. Thanks for a great season, and good luck today.


    Congrats on the home run yesterday, Aaron!

    We’re all behind you and we know that you’re going to give it your all today. I’ll be in the stands cheering you on!

    Go Phillies!


    Aaron, I’m not panicking either! You guys have come thru too much and fought back too many times for this to be anything but a single loss. Go out today and take care of business! (And PLEASE find a way to stay around next year! We need you and love you here!!!)

    GO PHILS!!!!!!!!


    Great job yesterday and thanks for a great season. It’s been quite a ride and I know you guys aren’t finished yet.
    Go PHILLIES!!!


    Hey Aaron-

    WOW what a season and what a ride you guys have given us. I’m a lifelong Phillies fan now living in Missouri and am SO excited about this team. No doubts that you, Ryan, Chase, Pat, J-Rol, Cole and the rest of the Phightin’ Phils will go ALL THE WAY. I also echo the hope that management RE-SIGNS you!!!! It would be a HUGE mistake to let you go. I’d like to see you become a career Phillie. Go get those Rockies and bring a championship home to Philadelphia!!!!


    Aaron – White Sox fan here who saw you in 2005. First of all congratulations on making the post season. All of your fans here in Chicago are happy that you’re in the post season again.

    Good luck to you (and Guch)!


    Aaron – you are truly missed back here in Chicago and I’m so jealous that philly has two of our finest on their team!!! Here’s hoping Williams brings you back to the windy city! Sox fans are rallying behind you, Guch and the entire Philly organization. Best of luck with the rest of the series…I do BELIEVE you will make it to the next round!
    Congrats on an amazing year!



    Good Luck today!!! Everyone here in Chicago is rooting for you and the Phills to pull it out and we know you will. My husband called me at work yesterday when you hit your homer. He was watching it at a bar with other Sox fans and he said the place just exploded. I could barely hear him on the phone over all of the cheering in the background. You are truly loved and missed here – Here’s hoping you and the Phills “rock” those Rockies!!! Have a great game!!!


    A-Row, Mike Preus from Vegas saying I feel huge day today from you and three in a row from the Phills!!Fu#k the Rockies!!!!!


    Aaron, you won’t see this till after the game today, but just for good Charma, Go Get’em! You are the best example of what this team is all about, Heart and character. Most peolple see you as the leader in that dept. So, like you’ve done all year, just keep fighting.

    We’ll be rootin’ you on! GO PHILS!!!!


    Hey Aaron,
    I know there was only one other team to come back from a 0-2 in a 5 game series. I still do have faith but its soo heartbreaking to watch these games.


    HI Aaron,
    i would like not just u but the rest of the team to stay with it and believe. i know u guys can do it. keep ur heads held high. my rally towel is with u guys.


    Hey Aaron,

    You guys are down, but keep going and win the next 3. Hope that you’re back in Philly next year! Hopefully management will resign you.

    Good Luck and Go Phils!




    So we lost today. That just means it’s gonna look and FEEL even BETTER when you guys come back and clinch these next three! I’m serious. Let’s GET THIS! I said I KNOW you guys can do this and I MEAN it!!


    I am really nervous. If I thought we earned our way into the post season with good pitching or something, I’d be cool. The way in which we got in freaks me out. Were it not for the collapse of the Mets, the lockers would be cleaned out at C-Bank Park by now.


    I just wanted to say thank you for a great season. Your homers were the highlight of my summer (esp. that grand slam vs. the White Sox!). Best of luck to you, and I hope we Phillies fans get to see more of you next year. A town like Philly needs more players like you!


    Don’t stop believing!
    Rowand-you are dearly missed here in Chicago, and we are rooting for you and Iguchi and the entire Phillies organization. You guys have a city and a half pulling for you.

    Good luck!


    We still got faith. By the way we met one day and were discussing hunting. When your all done this season hopefully in the world series we still have an open invitation for you to hunt with us. Just contact me sometime and we could set it up. I saw 9 the first saturday, let them go they were small. GOOD LUCK GO PHILS


    yes, the Phillies are down two games. You have Friday to travel and play in Colorado. I know this team can turn this around and win the next three. Colorado may think they have this in the bag,but you guys will show them otherwise. GO PHILS —


    Hi Aaron: We still have the faith. We couldn’t appreciate the fightin Phils without a dramatic win of the series. I know you can win the next 3 games. GO PHILS!!!

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