No reason we can’t get it done

Rowand400x200 No one is happy about where we are right now. We put ourselves in a precarious situation, and all we can do is play. We have to come out in a couple of days and swing the bats a little better. We didn’t have a whole lot of things working for us on Thursday. We didn’t hit very well. We didn’t throw very well. That doesn’t equate to a win.

The important thing is to not dwell on this and relax on the flight to Denver. We know what we have to do, but the less we think about it, the better we are.

No one is panicking or down. We’ve been there before, and we have to try and step up and recover. A lot of the media guys were telling us that seven other teams have come back from 0-2 deficits, so it’s obviously something that’s been done before, and there’s no reason why we can’t be the eighth.

We didn’t give up hope of making the playoffs, so we’re not going to give up now. It wouldn’t make sense.

Sleep on the plane will be good, or maybe music or a movie. Just get your mind off the game for a few hours. We’ll be ready on Friday and we’ll fight hard to win three more games.



    Hey, we still believe! If the the team gets back to playing THEIR game, three in a row is certainly anything but out of the question.

    I’ll be here in PA, cheering from my living room [loudly].


    Aaron, thank you for reaching out to the fans with this blog! As a Phillies 21 year full season ticket holder, I’ve seen a lot of guys in red pinstripes. You ARE one of the best. We would not be in the post season in 2007 if it were not for tough as nails players such as #33. When the media pinheads pester you with questions of doom and gloom, tell them that the Phillies have rarely lost 3 in a row recently so the Rockies should brace themselves for a loss on Saturday!


    Not much this season has come easily for the Phillies. But still after 162 games, only one team was standing alone in the East. And the Phils were there for a reason. You guys deserved it. You earned it. Saturday starts our three game win streak!



    If there is any team that can come back and win three in a row, it’s the Phillies. You are like the come back kids. This team has overcome so many obstacles this season. A lot of people counted the Phils out a long time ago, but I did not and I still believe in the Phils. You’re right, dwelling on the upsets doesn’t get you anywhere. Best of luck in Colorado. Let’s hope the thin air carries the balls hit by the Phillies out of the park. 🙂



    Just have fun playing the game you all love; enjoy the opportunity to play postseason. You’re a great team! GO PHILS!



    Thats what we call you by the way in this neighborhood.

    We need this brotha, get it done. If anybody can its your group of guys.


    You guys have already made my year. No, make that my decade. Good luck in the rest of the series and thanks for your blog Mr. Rowand.


    Hey Aaron! Thanks for the blog. I was at the game and while it was dissapointing, you guys are still a classy bunch and have made Philadelphia very proud! We know there’s still time to make something happen in Colorado and the whole city is behind you! We believe! Go Phils!


    thanks for the blog. I was at Wednesdays game (and 25 during the season) and I LOVE this team and I have no doubt that if any team can come back it’s the 2007 Phillies. This has been a great season and I agree with you, go to Colorado, focus and it’s gonna happen.


    Aaron, I was at the game Thursday and when I arrived home I had an email from the Phils lottery saying I won 2nd chance drawing for game #5….without hesitation, I brought 3 tickets for Tuesday nites game. Way up in the 400 level, but still inside the ballpark.. So, see ya there…bring home 2 wins for us!!!



    Thanks for yet another encouraging blog. I have to admit, feeling a little unsure this morning and then I read this. Just keep doing what you and the other guys have been doing this year. Know that all of your fans here in Philly will be cheering you guys on Saturday and Sunday.

    Hang in there and good luck.



    We Believe! You guys have proven what kind of game you can all play. You guys came back to win a division that everyone thought was locked. You guys have brought so much spark to this area and I Thank You for that. Good Luck and let’s kick some #$%.


    All the Phillies fans in Wilmington Delaware still believe!! Tell all your teammates to keep their heads high. One game at a time, and before you know it we’ll be playing in the NLCS. GO PHILS!


    Aaron, I admit that I am feeling down right now but quiting is not in my repertoire. That is why I will still clear my schedule to watch the Phillies Saturday night. Perhaps having a tested veteran pitcher going for us will be good for everybody Saturday night. Nobody else is saying it but I will; slap your manager on the head so he doesn’t mess up the pitching staff!

    Good luck Saturday night and Sunday night. I’ll be staying up late to root you guys on both nights! Come home for game five!


    Hi Aaron,
    Thank you for communicating with the fans on your blog. We are truly grateful you are a Phillie. We believe in all of you. We are proud, partial season ticket holders and are so excited to be in post season play. We couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank YOU for your positive attitude. We will see you back here on Tuesday night. Michele 🙂


    You guys have come back from behind before. Know that your fans still believe and are proud of the entire club. Beating Colorado on their home turf, in front of their fans will be priceless. Have an awesome time!


    Aaron thank you so much for communicating with the fans this way. Philadelphia believes in you guys because we’ve seen it happen all year. You’ve all been coming back all season so why should this be any different? We have the utmost confidence in you guys and we’re truely grateful for the amazing season you’ve given us. Go Phils!

  18. Jason

    It’s not over yet… Teams have rallied from a 2-0 hole in the past, and if there’s a team that can do it this year it’s the Phillies…

    When the team’s back is against the wall, they seem to step up and take their game to the next level.

    Ya gotta believe!!! Let’s go Phils!!!


    I know you guys can do it. I was just watching video’s on youtube when you won the NL, it’s so exciting. So Aaron, if you actually see this, all you guys should watch videos of when you won to boost your confidence! I’m sure you are already though. Good luck on Saturday! I’ll be somewhere watching the game!

    here’s the link:


    Greetings from the South Side, Aaron!

    Know that all of us baseball fans in Chicago (the ones with brains, anyway) are rooting for the Phillies, too! We’ve been watching you on MLB TV all year and have fallen in love with your great Phillie teammates (and then sent Tadahito Iguchi your way when you needed him)!

    Now go out there and kick some Rockies butt the way we know you can!

    Love, Nina


    Greetings from Colorado! Obviously, most you reading this are on the other side of the fence about which team is going to win this series, but I agree the Phillies are an awesome team,and they are not likely to go down without a fight. Pulling the division title out of the fire (AND out of New York) was way cool!


    Go get ’em Aaron! I know you guys will get the 2 wins so we can watch you finish the series here in Philly. I’ll be there to see you win it. GO PHILS!!!


    “Hey, hey” from Bryn Mawr!

    Life is never easy…it is always an uphill battle for warriors of virtue.

    We are with you, darlin’!

    Go for it!


    All season long this team has bounced back. Not giving up in the face of adversity is the mark of a real champion.

    Go get ’em!!!

    From one of the many fans cheering you on in Central Jersey.


    Hey Aaron!
    Good Luck w/ the rest of the series. Chicago is rooting for you and the Phillies.




    When I left the game yesterday I thought our season would soon be over. But, today is a new day. Win one game, and the momentum takes a big swing, win another and we’re back home and then anyhing can happen. If there’s any team that could turn things around it would be this year’s Phillies. Remember, the Rockies lost to the Snakes in the crucial game one of that season ending season and then the Snakes had nothing left to play for. This series is just getting started.


    The Phillies have been so much fun to watch all summer and have come back when it didn’t seem like they could. I’m not ready to stop watching them yet, so let’s keep this going a little while longer. And I want to see you, Aaron, in a Phillies uniform next year. We would not be in post season without you. GO PHILLIES!!


    Thanks for your blog Aaron. I have been a Phillies Fan for over 42 years. Seen the ups and downs. My best day ever was Sunday when I was right behind the dugout when you guys took the East away from those darn Mets. No matter what happens from here on out, I will never forget that day and I will consider you all WINNERS! That said, I still believe you will come back and win Saturday. I have my towel and it will be waving here in Montoursville, PA. And please Aaron, come back to my Phillies next year. We need ya!!!


    Thanks for helping this team win the NL East and for giving the fans a small taste of what the playoffs are like with your blog! I hope to be reading it until late October! I have Phaith that this team will come back from this! Good luck!!


    Aaron, you are the best representative of this team and this city. You guys can come back through these next 3 games and get back on track. This city has phaith in you and can’t wait til our parade down broad street….


    Aaron, have a great weekend in Colorado! Phillies fans don’t give up, especially not on this team. We can see that you are all great people and hardworking players, which is all Phillies fans can ask for. One of my friends said the Phillies don’t win before giving you a heart attack. We know you just had to lose a couple to spice up the series 🙂 You have given this city so much this year, and I am grateful. Have fun this weekend… we’ll see you on Tuesday.


    We’re still behind you and we still believe. But we should all say some prayers to St. John Vukovich, who is undoubtedly looking over the team and smiling!



    White Sox fan here…we’re all rooting for you and the Phillies to win it all. You can come back. You CAN do it.

    All our thoughts are with you on your way to Colorado and White Sox nation will be cheering on the Phillies Saturday.

    Good luck (and don’t stop believin’!)



    Mr.Rowand you play in the same role as my idol,Lenny Dykstra, and I’m very glad you
    play for Philles.As you say we

    can’t get it done because we are an amazing team and the tough games are our games and nobody can stop our potent offence in NL. I hope you continue to play in Phillies shirt again next years to pursue another wins and another titles. Thank you Mr. Rowand.


    Hi Aaron,
    You are the best! You are everything that Philly represents..You’re tough, go all out & you never give up, not for a second. Keep up the good work. One game at at time, baby! We believe in you and the entire club.

    The Ganzelli Family in Jax,FL





    They took two in our house now it’s time to take two in theirs. then back to the Bank to clinch and move on to the LCS. “GIT R DONE”……


    Hi Aaron!

    First of all, congrats on making the play-offs! im another white sox fan among the many, and i was so sad to see you leave. the phillies are lucky to have such a great guy like you. over the last few years, i have grown to love the phillies and im so happy you made the play-offs.

    Just wanted to let you know that the white sox fans here in chicago are cheering for you and the phillies!!

    make this your year, and as its been said in chicago, “dont stop believin'”

    we love you here!!!

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