Hold on to that feelin’ …

Tomorrow morning is going to be exciting. I’ll probably leave earlier than on most days
because I’ll want to get to the park. The excitement of knowing that
it’s finally here, my adrenaline will be pumping from the time I get
We won the division and we’ve had a couple of days to
enjoy that, but it’s time to get back to work. Ultimately, we know it
takes 11 more wins to get to where we want to be, and the only way to
get there is to take it one pitch at a time. That’s what breeds success,
and our first goal is to get past this first series.

It’s exciting to play in the postseason with a new group of guys
and getting to share this with them.

I got to be on a
team that won the World Series — the White
 Sox in 2005 — so I feel privileged to
be able to go to the postseason a couple of times in the past seven
years. A lot of players play their whole careers and never get to go.
Rockies first baseman Todd Helton has
  played for a long time, and this is his first chance. In
the World Series in 2005, I got to play against Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell in
Houston, and they played for a long time without going to the World
Series. I got to talk to Biggio about that. Obviously, he would’ve liked
to have won a ring, but he looks back at playing in a World Series as
one of the highlights of his career. Talking to guys like him who have played
that long puts it in perspective.

We were lucky enough
to come out on top.

Winning a division is one thing. Winning a
World Series is another. You really enjoy that. Being able to enjoy
that, and knowing that all the work that you put in over the course of that
season — and your life — all the blood, sweat and tears have finally
come to the peak. You’ve finally come to the top of the mountain and
nobody can take that away from you.

I have my wrist bands that
I wore in all the World Series celebrations. I never washed them. I have
all the hats and the shirts we got after clinching. The glove I used. The
batting gloves. Everything. The stuff I used in the games. All that
stuff brings the memories back. The photos of the celebrations. You
can’t put a dollar sign on those things. Those things are special inside. Those the things you keep for the rest of your life and you get to pass
on to your kids.

We know we still have a ways to go before we
can say we’re World Series champions. The players here have been around
long enough to know how to prepare for games and what they need to do. We
have to make sure to stay in our routines so everything is the same.


  1. Sid

    Mr. Rowand,

    Congratulation to you and your Phillies on making the playoffs!

    More importantly, thank you for your efforts in making the NL East race this year one of the most exciting and memorable in baseball history.

    Good luck in your series against the Rockies, and enjoy this!

    -Sid McHenry


  2. pozor22222@yahoo.com

    mr. rowand

    as a big white sox fan, i miss you. i was at 45 games in 2005 and you were such a great player here, and seemed like a genuinely nice guy, on and off the field, and i wish you were still here.

    that being said, there are a lot of white sox fans (myself included) cheering for the phillies because you and tadahito are on the team. that and, dang, ryan howard, chase, rollins, all those guys. what a great team! wishing you all the best, hoping to see you and the phillies take it all!

    always a fan

    steve r.

  3. kwalbs1045@yahoo.com

    Mr. Rowand,

    I’ve been a Phillies fan all my life and I remember watching the ’93 Phils lose to Joe Carter and the Blue Jays in the World Series and it brought tears to my eyes. On Sunday afternoon watching you and the team I love win the NL East Division brought more tears to my eyes, tears of joy. There is no doubt in my mind that this team has the offensive power and, yes, even pitching to take this city and its fans back to the World Series and bring a championship here! Good luck in the NLDS and the rest of the postseason. I will be surely watching every pitch.

    Congratulations from a diehard Phillies fan,

    Kevin Walbert

  4. lisaalleen@comcast.net

    First and foremost, congratulations to you and the entire team! I’ve been to 15 games this year including opening day, and my friend Colleen and I refused to give up at any point. Our rally towel collection will be growing again today in South Philly! I was at the Vet in 1993 the last time the Phils were in the World Series and I’m hoping for an even better ending this year!


  5. Jason

    Mr. Rowand,

    As a long time Phillies fan, congrats on a fine season!

    I don’t think many thought the Phillies had a chance, but everything came together at the right time, so bring on the Rockies!

    I hope you stay in Philadelphia for many years to come! That’s a discussion for after the World Series…

    Good luck! I know I’ll be watching every pitch… Let’s go Phils!!!


  6. aturnbull@icpartners.com


    First of all great blog, especially for us Phillies fans.

    I was at the game on Sunday when you clinched and it was the best feeling in the world. I don’t think alot of us could believe when you guys came back out on the field with the fans, it was totally awesome.

    Good luck to you and the rest of the team and know that the fans are behind you.

    See you in Clearwater in 2008, because I just know you will be there.

    Annmarie Turnbull

  7. nlforst@yahoo.com

    I just want to congratulate the entire team for making it to the Playoffs. I hope success will come to the Phillies, because it is well deserved.

    I’m glad you’ll be able to give some prospective to the team as you are a playoff vetran.

    Keep up the good work and Go Phillies!!

  8. skottyj1@yahoo.com


    As a life long Sox fan I appreciated everything you did for us in 2005. I know there are a lot of us southsiders that are hopping on the Phillies bandwagon. I hope you and the Gooch and Freddie get another ring.

  9. rowandws33@aol.com

    Life long white Sox fan here. I hope you and the Phillies can go the distance an win this whole thing. Rowand is one of the good guys in major league baseball. Good luck Rowand and have a great postseason.

  10. jeffandmandyg@yahoo.com

    Life long White Sox fan and hated the day they traded you to the Phillies because you were the heart and soul of that 05 team. My son and I are rooting for the Phillies to go all the way and to see you win another ring. I wish you guys the best of luck!! GO PHILLIES!!!!

  11. ragator43@aol.com

    Another life long Sox fan here. Hated to see you go, but love to see that your (gooch and freddie too)dreams for a ring this year are still alive. Good luck with the journey and I pray that you’re mic’d for this postseason because your reactions (Paulie’s grand slam and Scottie’s walkoff) and celebrations

  12. ragator43@aol.com

    Another life long Sox fan here. Hated to see you go, but love to see that your (gooch and freddie too)dreams for a ring this year are still alive. Good luck with the journey, and I pray that you’re mic’d for this postseason. Your reactions after Paulie’s grand slam and Scottie’s walkoff, the emotion and excitement, are memories that I’ll have for the rest of my life. Bring it home for Philly.

  13. carollynn44@hotmail.com

    I am also a White Sox fan who went to a lot of games in 05 including the World Series. I especially remember the three guys in sarombas and ponchos who were called “Aaron’s Amigos” who sat in the centerfield bleachers at the games rooting you on. Let me assure you we all felt the same way about you that they did. You are still a fan favorite. Good luck in the coming weeks.

  14. kevinrmcguire@gmail.com

    Mr. Rowand,

    I applaud your efforts on this year’s team and hope that you and your teammates can win some more games to keep the excitement in Philadelphia rolling. As a lifelong Phillies fan I have only seen one World Series and I look back at 1993 and will always relish the good times I had that season. Obviously not winning a World Series would be a big disappointment this season, but I want you to know that I have enjoyed the ride you guys have provided.

    I’ll be at game two to watch you and the Phillies take on the Rockies. Good luck!

  15. newcarsforyou@aol.com

    Aaron, congrads to you and your team. You have been fun to watch this season And I will be watching as you grab these next 11 wins. Good Luck from your #2 Fan In Glendora.

  16. torrezriley.j@neu.edu

    From a young, yet life-long, Phillies fan, who is stuck in Boston for school, Good Luck in the Post Season. My dream is to see you guys play the Red Sox in the Series. I was six in ’93 when the Phils lost to the Blue Jays and I cried my eyes out. I hope I’m crying tears of joy this time around. Again, Good Luck! Great blog! I look forward to reading more.

  17. dadschamp@yahoo.com

    You play every game like it is the World Series. Thanks for putting your heart and soul into Center Field! Philly loves you and wants you back next year!

  18. kwalberg@shefskylaw.com


    Another die-hard White Sox fan here who wanted to let you know how much we are all pulling for you (and the Phillies) here in Chicago. I was at the Sox game on Saturday and was inspired by all of the fans wearing Rowand Sox jerseys and Phillies caps. Although we would all love to see you back here on the Southside (I cried the day you left), I know you have a great future in Philly! Congratulations to you on all of your success, and “Don’t Stop Believin'” – Hoping that sentiment brings you another World Championship – You definitely deserve it!!!

  19. kyxtyr@yahoo.com

    i knew you guys were going all the way in 2007. i got a chance to see ya play in september, hope to get some world series tickets cause i know you guys are gonna win it! God bless, love, kate

  20. mocasey60@yahoo.com

    Aaron, One more die-hard Sox fan who wants to congratulate you and the Phillies. When they posted the final scores on Sunday afternoon, everyone in our section got excited because “Rowand’s going to the play-offs”. Good luck, be happy and know that you are missed!!!!1

  21. mumgee407@yahoo.com

    Aaron, please tell the team that game 1 is over and to relax, have fun and play baseball, cause I know the Phillies want it more. GO PHILLIES. Thank you for a great season.

  22. wake2thesun@hotmail.com

    i cant even say enough how much of a fan i am of yours. i was never as big of a fan as i am until you came to philly. every game you come out ready to play and do anything you can to win, which i admire more than anything. you have carried this phillies team to where they are now and to make it one step further would be the best thing this city has seen in a long time. i love going to the games to watch you play and i love makingg some creative signs for you, that you sign for me everytime. but i hope and pray you come back next year because without you this team wont be the same. we’ve fallen in love with you and it would break my heart to see you leave here. i wish you and the team the best of luck and hope for a strong win on saturday! this team deserves it!

    your biggest fan, tara<3

  23. angelface28a@aol.com

    First of all, I just wanted to say I am a big white sox fan, but a bigger fan of yours. It honestly broke my heart when you were traded, but I know you had nothing to do with that. You probably don’t remember, but I met you last year, and it was the highlight of my life! Philadelphia is very lucky to have you. Your a fantastic ball-player. Good luck the rest of the postseason. I’m praying for you guys to go all the way, so you can have another world series ring. Thank you for all of the memories. GO PHILLIES!!!

    ps- I love the picture!

  24. clbc44@aol.com

    Thank-you for this blog! All of you are great ball players. Thank all of you for doing your best.Best of Luck today. All of us fans out here know you can fight back and go all the way. WE ARE the FIGHTING PHILS.GO PHILLIES!

  25. twnails4@aol.com

    Great year for the fightin’ Phils, hopefully use this year as a building block for the future, I’ve been a fan all my life and this by far is the most exiting year ever, even more than ’93. Even though we need more pitching, the main focus should be to re-sign Howard and most importantly Aaron Rowand (the heart of the team). No doubt in my mind that w/out the play of Rowand, the Philies do not win the East. Pat Gillick needs to do whatever it takes to re-sgin Rowand. Aaron tou need to stay in Philly. The phillies have not had a player w/ your heart since Dykstra.

  26. mail4crg@juno.com

    Mr. Rowan,

    Thank you so much for creating this space for your and the team?s fans to communicate with you.

    I have been a Phillies fan since I relocated to the Philadelphia area in 1978. I have had game plan or full season tickets since 1982. When Tug McGraw won the series against the Royals in 1980 I was there. When the Phillies lost the Series to the Blue Jays in 1993 I was in the stands. Neither of these games nor any of the hundreds of others I have seen through the years can hold a candle to the thrill and excitement I have experienced with you and your teammates these last couple of months. The final game of the regular season was the most exciting game I have ever attended. The energy in the stands was team’s energy resonating with its fans. It was wonderful.

    It would have been nice if the team had been able to advance in the playoffs but it really does not matter. For an entire season the team has entertained its fans hugely. In spite of the many, many injuries suffered by its members it succeeded to the NL East championship. Congratulations to all of the players, coaches and especially to Charlie Manuel. You have endeared yourselves to all of us.

    Joel Realberg

    Bala Cynwyd, PA

  27. govolvo@verizon.net

    Thanks for a great season. I trust you will be back with the Phillies next year. I live just down the street from the American Grille that I think you go to as it is close to your home. You live in a great neighborhood. My wife and I go to Church near your home. If your family would like to go with us sometime e-mail me.


  28. ngentlesk@msn.com

    Dear Aaron,
    Thanks for a great and entertaining year. Hope to see you back next year. I just love you guys! Never boring. Please tell the rest of the guys that they are appreciated as well. Have been a Phillies fan since my grandfather took me to a game when I was six(1949) and I still love the game and all of you guys!! See you next year!!!


    Wenonah, NJ

  29. lng61299@comcast.net

    Dear Mr.Rowand
    Thank you for your kindness when we met at Las Vegas Airport on 10/27. You were a true gentleman to myself, my wife, and my son. Hope we are able to see you in a phillies uniform next year and years to come. Last year was the most exciting baseball season that we watched in a long time. Thank you.

    Sincerely, Gene, Lynette, and Dominic Maraldo

    Boothwyn, PA

  30. mike.garybush@gmail.com

    So sad so mad to see you go!

    you brought so much excitement

    to philly,truly a blue collar

    hard working guy!Good luck with SanFran.Ill be rootn 4 ya!

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